Google Ads Audit – Lawyers (Free)

Google Ads Audit – Lawyers
In-depth Google Ads Audit - Lawyer Case Study (Free)
Price $1,500 – $2,500

Limited Quantity* Offer: Our Google Ads Audit process has been tested and refined after hundreds of audits over the years and has helped our team identify wasted ad spend and missed opportunities to increase profitability for our clients.

This is the first step we take with any prospective client BEFORE we begin working with them to make sure we have a solid strategy for increasing their Google Ads ROI.

Not convinced? Here’s some feedback we received after a recent audit…
We’re not just good at audits. Here’s a few of our reviews…
What can you expect from the audit?
This Audit IS
This Audit is NOT
Some of the areas covered in the audit are

Assess Overall Goals

Review Conversion Data

Campaign Settings

Ad Copy Review

Keyword Performance

On-site Factors

You get the all the value of our paid audit, at no cost…
To sum it up, this Google Ads Audit is the same audit process we follow for clients who pay us $1,500-$2,500 (depending on the size of their ad budget). We review the audit findings with you on a call for you or your agency to implement as needed.
Have your AdWords audit completed in 4 easy steps…
Step 1 : Provide Business
Fill out our online form that gives us some basic information about your business and goals for the campaigns, target metrics, and your product/service that we’ll need before starting the audit.
Step 2 : Grant Access
to Google
Grant us access to your Google Ads account via our Google Ads MCC. There is no need to share your password and access can be revoked once the audit is complete. For agency partners, we can use your access so your client doesn’t see our MCC request.
Step 3 : Wait 24-48
Once we have everything we need from Steps 1 & 2 we will begin the audit. It typically takes 1-2 business days to complete.
Step 4 : Review Audit
Once the audit is complete we will schedule a time with you to discuss our findings on a brief 30 min call and forward you our documented findings for your records.
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