Below Are Some FAQs To Help You Get To Know Us A Little Better

You can expect us to take the time to learn about your business and goals, offer solutions we think give you the best chance for success, and tell you upfront if we don’t believe we are the right agency to help you achieve your vision. We welcome feedback and the valuable knowledge clients have about their business which can be a big help for campaign optimization.

We have a pretty streamlined workflow to allow us to get the best results from campaigns and optimizations. As a client you will be kept in the loop with big swings in performance (both good and bad) and get updates from us on a regular basis or as needed. Monthly reporting dashboards are included to cover performance metrics and provide transparency so you can be sure we are hitting our performance targets.

We try our best to be proactive and make the most of your ad budget in the best way we know how. Because we are ROI focused we look for the best methods (channels, campaign types, etc.) to give you the most bang for your buck, even if it’s recommending something outside of paid traffic.

Many of our clients come to us after working with an agency they were unhappy with. Typically we find that they were unhappy with the lack of results and/or lack of communication with the previous agency.
One of the ways we’ve tried to create long-term relationships with clients is by taking the time to understand our client’s needs, goals, and set expectations properly. If we don’t think we can get them the results they are looking for we let them know we aren’t the right agency for them. We also make sure clients are kept in the loop regularly.
We think of ourselves as strategic partners to our clients. This helps us look at their business from a different perspective and find the best path to success with the campaigns we manage for them. We are a small agency and are very responsive to client’s questions and concerns. Customer service is serious business to us.
Lastly, our approach to campaign management is drastically different from other agencies. We allow human intelligence to lead our campaign creation and optimization strategies rather than relying on automation or cutting corners to drive down costs. We’re not the “cheapest” PPC agency you’ll find, but providing good service and delivering results isn’t cheap.
We work with a variety of clients like tour operators, e-commerce brands, and local businesses who need lead generation campaigns. Our best clients are those who appreciate our experience and trust us to get them the results they hired us to produce. They understand the time it takes to get actionable data and optimize campaigns accordingly.
We also work best with clients who already have a proven business model and a baseline to start with. That doesn’t mean we can’t work with startups, but we’ve found most startups don’t understand the need to get a baseline, and the time and cost involved to get baseline data.
We manage Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram Ads campaigns.
Pricing depends on your product/service and other variables. Please reach out to us and we’ll be glad to learn more about your goals and give you an idea of the amount we would charge to build, manage, and scale your PPC campaigns.
. Our primary goal is for our team to become a “profitable investment” for your business as soon as we possibly can.

Clients can email us throughout the month as needed. Our response time is typically the same (or next business day depending on differences in time zone).

We are also happy to hop on Zoom calls if we think it’s easier to get you the information you need or go over details related to the account. We do this on an as needed and as available basis.

We ask for an initial 3 month term, then our agreement becomes month to month afterward. This allows us enough time to create/restructure campaigns, then optimize based on the data we gather each month. Optimizing accounts takes data and data takes time to collect after each optimization. If an initial 3 month commitment is too long, we may not be a good fit as your agency.
We offer live reporting dashboards for our ad campaigns that allow you to see the metrics that matter the most. You can visit them anytime of the day or night and easily compare performance for past periods as well. These reports are also emailed on the first day of each new month.

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